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Why Your Small Business Absolutely Needs A Website

Facebook page? Check. Twitter account? Check. Print ads and other promotional materials? Check.

Business website? Hmm… just a sec. Maybe you could roll out the business without this one?

Actually, that’s not advisable. Despite the increasing number of cheap (even free) hosting services and the large selection of free professional themes and drag-and-drop editors, many small business owners still forego the creation of a website.  A survey of small businesses in the US indicates that only 71% have a website.

Sure, it’s not that easy o build a website because there’s stuff like SEO and the content itself that need to be taken care of.

But that’s nothing compared to the myriad of benefits you will reap when you invest time, effort, and a bit of your funds in setting up your business website.

Check out the following benefits of creating a website for your enterprise, no matter the size!

It helps increase awareness of your business.

Any entrepreneur’s objective is centered ultimately on increasing revenues. The first step in attaining that is to have some sort of marketing campaign to promote awareness about the business.

One can never ignore the importance of placing a web presence through a very accessible venue—a business website.

Consumers have become so dependent on the internet for almost everything they need and want. If someone wishes to travel, book a hotel, order food, plan a party, buy gadgets, find a service provider, add to his knowledge, or search on just about anything he could think of,  he turns to the worldwide web. All he needs to do is to type in a keyword, and voila! His options will pop up on the screen.  Wouldn’t it be nice if our company appears on that list?

It helps bring credibility.

Anyone can create a Facebook account at the click of a button, but not everyone can create a professional-looking website. Thus, having one gives you a heavy dose of credibility. A website is a mirror of your business, inspiring confidence among your potential customers.

Anything you put on this website or its adjoining blog can also show up easily in search engine results, which is useful for reaching out with information. A website makes you a de facto authority in your field simply because your word is out there on the Internet. It’s the perfect recipe for growth!

It becomes your portfolio.

Whatever your business is, you can use a website to showcase your portfolio. That can’t always be said for social media spaces, since you cannot always control how your content is displayed.

By optimizing your site’s layout and content to highlight your work — whether they be galleries, blog posts, playlists, or what else have you — you can let potential customers see what your business is capable of.

You can also host images and descriptions of your products. This applies whether you are a home-based entrepreneur or a brick-and-mortar business owner, since you can present your products in a way that highlights their best qualities.

For maximum impact, you can also include actual user comments and testimonials to increase your reputation!

It helps you give better customer service.

A well-designed website can be customized to create a knowledge base for customers, or at least a list of FAQs that can be referred to anytime.

You can easily create static pages where instructionals or similar content can help site visitors. These can be published side-by-side with support pages that include contact forms and related details. You can also ask customers to categorize their concerns when using the contact form, allowing you to filter and more efficiently answer them when you receive them.

It actually reduces costs.

You might think a website means extra expenses, but you’re actually losing more by not having one!

Aside from being affordable, you can use your website to replace many of the services being provided by physical facilities. Think reduced upkeep costs and less physical items to manage. You can even roll up your entire store online, allowing you to do business even when the storefront is closed!


Business websites are a must nowadays, and customers are at least expecting your business name to pop up when they Google your products or services.

Can you meet these expectations? Set up your business website now and tell the world about your business.

If you need help with website creation or content creation, Athena Online can help you with that. Contact us and you’ll have your very own website soon!

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