New Year's Resolutions for Entrepreneurs

Start The Year Right with These Top 20 New Year’s Resolutions of Entrepreneurs

It’s a brand new year, so it’s time to reflect on and plan out your resolutions. However, since these resolutions usually get abandoned, why not set goals and milestones instead? These will not only make them more realistic, it’ll also help you develop better habits. And these will ultimately benefit you as an entrepreneur.

Here are some ideas on making your entrepreneur’s resolutions for 2018 better.

  1. Eat better. Instead of promising to go to the gym regularly, start with better eating habits. You don’t even have to stop eating junk food immediately. Just start with eating less.
  2. Get enough sleep. Usually, professionals and entrepreneurs sleep for only 4 to 5 hours everyday. And that can take a toll on your health. When you’re sleep-deprived, your brain doesn’t work 100%, which means you can’t produce high quality results. So take a break. Prioritize your own well-being.
  3. Experience other cultures. Explore. Getting out of your comfort zone is great for business. It helps you generate better ideas and helps you broaden your perspective.
  4. Take more chances. Do not be afraid to fail. When you’re afraid of failure, chances are you’ll likely let opportunities pass you by. Cast aside what’s not working and but make sure to learn from them.
  5. Always choose relationships. Whether it’s a choice between spending time with your family and doing overtime, or a choice between recording the moment or being in the moment, always choose relationships and being with your loved ones. Your relationship with your family and friends are more important than wealth, recognition, or likes.
  6. Find time for your passions. Time is the most valuable currency, as its value depends on how you perceive your worth. So, put higher value on your time and spend it on things that actually matter to you. Spend less time browsing mindlessly on social media. Think about all the hours wasted scrolling through your feed when you could have spent that time earning or, at least, bonding with your loved ones.
  7. Take time to have fun. Realize that you are not born to just work and pay bills. You have to live your life and make memories, too. Like the saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”?
  8. Keep learning. Even as you mature, you must always be open to learning and improving. Learn to listen to other people’s opinion. However, make it a point to practice your good sense and sound judgment and see to it that you’re only absorbing knowledge from those who actually know what they’re saying.
  9. Use technology properly. When you use outdated technology, you promote inefficiency in the workplace. If you can afford it, make sure that you have adequate, updated tools.
  10. Take a digital sabbatical. On the other hand, don’t let yourself get consumed by technology either. Make sure that you unplug once in a while.
  11. Avoid micromanaging your team. Learn to divide the work and trust your subordinates. Delegate intelligently by giving the appropriate tasks to the right people. Learn your team’s strengths and weaknesses and use that to your advantage.
  12. Help your community. Support local products. Promote healthy processes. Go green and use eco-friendly products and services. This will let your customers know that you are not only in it for the money and that you actually want to make the world better. Develop a great company culture.
  13. Do less but do it better. Instead of bombarding your network with content, how about improving the SEO of your current content? Learn to automate more business processes. Instead of answering every query, how about putting up an FAQs section? Optional: Instead of formatting your site to fit a mobile phone’s screen, how about linking it to an app instead?
  14. Focus on value. Stop multitasking but do not focus on volume either. Studies show that prioritizing things that have more value in the long run is better than trying get everything done. Instead of finishing 10 small tasks that has little impact on your goal, finish that one big task that will give you massive progress.
  15. Charge what you’re worth. Manage cash flow more efficiently by being smart with your cost-cutting efforts. Also, if it’s fair, don’t be shy to increase your rates and fees.
  16. Know your worth. Stop wasting your time doing a task that can be done by a virtual assistant, whose rates are lower than yours. Improve your productivity by learning how to delegate. This will reserve your time to do more important tasks that need your skills. This is especially true when you feel swamped with your tasks. Do not be afraid to admit that you need help.
  17. Learn the right marketing strategies. Don’t go selling on the wrong aisle. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you need a larger audience. In fact, you’ll only waste your efforts for barking at the wrong tree. Find the right audience, but don’t be afraid to add a new traffic source and to build your network.
  18. Focus on humanity. Hear out the customers. Try to deliver more than what is expected, but don’t lose sight of why you started your business in the first place. Your goal must be to serve your community and improve overall way of life.
  19. Celebrate small wins. These milestones, even though unnoticeable at first, will encourage you to move towards your bigger goals. It helps to remind you that you are progressing.
  20. Create better habits. Instead of coming up with resolutions, why not review the past year? Try to do better than last year. Reflect on what habits must be preserved and what you should discard.

Whether you’re a professional or an entrepreneur, a work-at-home mother or a CEO, know that you can only achieve success by starting with yourself, as you’re the only person whom you can change. Change may be a constant, but you can always improve what you change.

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