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6 Branding Tips for Service-Based Businesses

There are many branding tips out there for product-based businesses, including pointers for marketing, packaging, and distribution.

But what if your business is not a tangible product, but a form of service instead? You will find that not all of the branding tips for product-based businesses may apply.

When you sell a product, the product becomes your brand-carrier. On the other hand, when you deliver a service – you, yourself – become the brand.

In other words, your business is not about product branding; rather, your focus shifts toward “personal branding.”

How do you go about branding yourself and your service-based business? Allow us to suggest the following advice:

#1 – Highlight your service value.

Whether you’re offering graphic design, photography, or other services, you need to emphasize your value. What makes you stand out among thousands of other service providers? What can you do that others can’t? Start by identifying your skills and strengths, then go from there.

#2 – Take advantage of LinkedIn.

More than ever, people are turning to LinkedIn to search for professionals who can meet their needs. You can use this platform to share about your skills, training, and achievements. You can also use it for networking and meeting potential clients and partners. It only takes a few minutes to create a LinkedIn profile, so what have you got to lose?

#3 – Build a website.

Having your own website adds a greater level of professionalism to your business. You can use it as your online portfolio, to highlight your past and present projects. If you don’t have a budget yet, you can start by using a free platform such as Weebly or the free version of WordPress. Later on, we suggest you invest in paid hosting as this will enable you to do much more with your website.

#4 – Establish a feedback system.

Product-based businesses are not the only ones that require feedback; services need them, too! In fact, they become even more crucial when providing a service. Whether you use email, chat, SMS, or other means of communication – the important thing is that you are able to receive and address both positive and negative feedback from your customers.

#5 – Check out the competition.

Keep in mind that aside from you, there are many other people offering the same kind of services. What are their selling points? What do their customers have to say about them? Take the time to go online, visit their websites, and browse their pages. Aside from seeing how your business compares to theirs, you can also learn a thing or two on how to improve your services further.

#6 – Get busy on social media.

Nowadays, logging onto social media has become a daily habit for most people. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter are being used for sharing, chatting, and reviewing brands. Why not use them to spread the word about your very own brand?

Just as tangible products require careful branding, so do service-based ventures. By highlighting your value, using online tools, and establishing a good feedback system – your personal brand becomes essential to boosting your service-based business.

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