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Why You Should Use Video Marketing for Your Business

You might have really good products or services, but if people don’t know about them or what they are, your business is pretty much doomed.

For small businesses, it’s really hard to shell out the money needed for marketing and advertising.

Sure, social media is a good choice. But simple images and texts will bore audiences quickly.

The solution? Video marketing.

The Power of Video Marketing

People are visually inclined. For small businesses wanting to get an edge above the fierce competition, exploiting this natural tendency is wise.

In fact, the results of the 2017 Wyzowl video marketing statistics showed that 63% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. Even bigger companies with enough funds for advertisement resort to videos.

Out of these businesses using videos as marketing tools, 82% consider video as an important part of their marketing strategy.

Okay, those are just fancy numbers showing just how much of the competition is using video. But what about your customers and viewers? Does using video have any positive impact on them?

Turns out, yes.

From the same study, it’s been shown that 79% of potential customers would watch a video rather than read an article about something.

The effect doesn’t stop there too. A majority of customers are even convinced to buy products after watching a video about it! That’s a whopping 84% of customers.

What Customers Like About Videos

You don’t need to splurge on professional videos if you don’t have the budget for it. Simple, phone camera videos will do. Amateur videos have a touch of authenticity to them. What’s important is getting your message across clearly to your target audience.

A study revealed that customers generally prefer voice overs that were the same gender as the target audience. That is, a male voiceover would suit an ad on cars better. Similarly, cosmetic and hair products will do better with female voiceovers.

Keep your videos short and sweet too. Viewers prefer videos that are around 1 minute long. If that’s not possible, you can extend it to 2 minutes, but no more. Remember that there are a lot of things competing with a viewer’s attention.

Try sticking with a conversational and friendly video style. People remember and relate more if you sound like a friend or a family member. Just imagine how uneasy you’d feel talking or listening to someone of authority. Compare that feeling with how you talk to a friend. That’s what you want your viewers to feel.

Optimize your videos for mobile viewing too. With almost everybody owning a cell phone these days, it’s no surprise that 90% of potential customers view videos from phones.

What You Stand to Gain by Using Videos

What does this mean for your business? A more competitive marketing strategy for a smaller cost.

With the use of videos, you no longer need to set aside huge chunks of money for advertisement.

Also, search engines just love videos. You’re 53x more likely to appear on the first page of Google’s search results if your site has a video.

The benefits are just endless. Adding video marketing to your online marketing mix can yield really great returns on your investment. If you do videos right, you’ll have an easier flow of traffic and potential income.

Do you use videos to promote your business? If yes, what’s the impact on your business? If not, what’s stopping you from getting started?


Photo by Chris Murray on Unsplash


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