5 traits of virtual assistants

5 Traits Entrepreneurs Look For When Hiring Virtual Assistants

Are you ready to hire a Virtual Assistant (VA) to help you with your business?

What should an entrepreneur like you look for when hiring virtual assistants? Aside from certain skills needed for specific tasks, it’s important to hire VAs with certain character traits. Skills can be taught, but attitude can’t. Someone who doesn’t have the right character traits may not be a good fit to work for you.

Here are 5 traits business owners usually look for when hiring virtual assistants.

1. Reliability. The main purpose that business owners would hire a virtual assistant is because they need someone to depend on. They need someone to help them with their everyday tasks — someone reliable. Someone who understands the job and makes sure it is done, properly and promptly. So for someone to gain and, eventually, keep your trust, they must show that they can be counted on.

2. Integrity. Aside from someone they can depend on, business owners also look for people with good values and strong moral principles. One of the ways to show this is through a strong work ethic. Even when no one is watching, a VA should keep doing what is right. This is important especially with the nature of the virtual freelancing industry. Can a VA be trusted with confidential matters, like client information? VAs should do the job right, even after the probation period. VAs should show their clients that they are worthy of their position, and maybe even a promotion.

3. Initiative. This is simply caring a bit more about the business, and initiating to help without being asked to. This means offering to help even if the task is not in the job description. Doing the research on your own how to do something rather than just telling a client you don’t know how something is done. Having initiative shows a client that a VA cares about the business enough to help out any way he or she can.

4. Adaptability. Another trait that a good virtual assistant must possess is the ability to properly deal with anything life (or in this case, work) throws at you. Business owners will appreciate it greatly if the VA can grow with their business.

Working with a VA would be much easier if he or she shows a genuine interest in your business.

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First, business owners don’t have to find someone else to do the work. Second, the VA gets the chance to earn a few more bucks. Win-win! A VA can prepare for this by continually upgrading their skills and trying to at least know the basics of another skill set.

5. Resourcefulness. VAs are expected to be resourceful, manifesting the ability to find creative ways to work around difficulties. And they don’t just rely on Google. Other VAs can be a great source of information too.

How will business owners know if potential VAs are a good for their business? Discovery calls are a great way that a client and a contractor can learn about each other. You can learn so much by talking to each other in real time, by audio or video. Information on websites and social media accounts are a great help too.  For VAs, having testimonials from previous clients gives you a strong advantage.

If you’re a professional looking for a job as a virtual assistant, make a personal assessment if you have these traits. If you do, you have a great chance of being successful in your work. And if you’re an entrepreneur ready to hire your first VAs, be sure to look for these traits from applicants for a good working relationship.

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