Social Media Marketing: An Oasis for Small Businesses

Social Media Marketing: An Oasis for Small Businesses

In this modern day and age, social media is pretty much inescapable in our daily lives. It’s in our computers, our phones, and in some cases, even in our TVs. Because of this, it has become a viable platform for entrepreneurs to promote and advertise their products and services.

But, how exactly can using social media help small businesses? Come, let’s explore.

Pricey Mainstream Marketing

Not too long ago, small businesses had to rely on word of mouth to spread news about their products and services. If you wanted to reach more people, you had to place an ad on a newspaper, via radio, or TV, which can cost up to hundreds of thousand pesos, depending on the size of the ad. Not everyone can afford that. Good thing there’s hope for small-time advertisers in social media nowadays.

Cheap Alternative

Social Media Marketing is FREE! That’s right, FREE! Or at least, in most part it is. With it, you can get away with marketing without having to spend anything or too much to boost your bottom line. That is, if you don’t count the internet and electricity bill as huge costs. But all together, it’s way cheaper. All you need is to create a social media page or account for your business and you’re set!

Breaking Away From Conformity

Another upside of using this channel for small business marketing is that you’re given more freedom with regards to how to promote your business. No more editing your write-up and design a million times to make sure everything fits within the section of a page you paid for. Nor relentlessly recreating a video or audio file to confine it to your allotted airtime.

You have your own page to maximize with almost no limits! Advertising your products becomes as simple as posting a video or picture, creating a hashtag for it, and sharing it with your friends, or an even wider network of your choosing. Just don’t forget to make your first post catchy and intriguing. Intrigues never fail to bring attention, right?


No doubt about it, social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide various ways to showcase your business.

One thing you need is to be creative every step of the way. Be a standout, so to speak.

One classic example of this is the Trap Kitchen, a group of three young men selling food through their Instagram account. Every day they post images of what they were cooking for that day, and it’s all sold out every time. Savvy, isn’t it?

More Coverage, Less Time

Of course, one cannot discount the fact that marketing through social media allows business owners to reach a wider audience, specifically an audience of their choice, in a shorter amount of time. Every post has the potential of being seen, liked, shared, and talked about in only a fraction of a day.

Given the right planning, the entries on your page will ultimately translate to an increase in your revenue. Your efforts will pay off.

Final Call

So if I were you, I will now create a social media account for my business. Then invite as many friends and acquaintances, and any prospective customer to visit, like or follow it.

And if you already have existing accounts which you haven’t fully optimized yet, go and start taking care of business. Social Media Marketing is readily available, user-friendly, and as effective as it can be. You just have to try it to prove its worth.


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