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Which Social Media Channels Should You Use for Your Business?

Nowadays, more than one billion people are on Facebook. Almost everyone we know has an Instagram account, while millions are logged onto YouTube at this very moment. There are many other social media channels – each one with the potential to help you grow your business.

With so many platforms to choose from, which ones should you use?

Certainly, you don’t need to sign up for every channel – you would only spread yourself too thin! The best thing to do would be to determine which social media platforms would work best for your business.

7 Best Social Media Platforms for Businesses

In this article, we present seven of today’s most popular social media channels. By highlighting their strengths and features, our aim is to help you decide which platforms to use for marketing your business.

#1 – Facebook

Facebook has almost 1.6 billion users from all over the world. It also has the biggest “blend” of users based on age, gender, relationship status, and other demographics. Using this data, you can easily search for potential customers based on their education, occupation, and location.

Meanwhile, a paid feature — Facebook Ads — enables business owners to target specific groups of users. You can use this to make sure that potential customers are directed to your page and urged to respond to your call-to-action mechanisms.

#2 – Instagram

AthenaOnlinePH instagramInstagram is great for sharing photos and short videos, making it the perfect platform to launch audio-visual content. You can also use its hashtag feature to promote your business. Encourage your customers to share their photos and videos using your hashtag to help spread the word.

#3 – LinkedIn

AthenaOnlinePH linkedinInitially starting out as a place to share career-related information, LinkedIn has now become more “social” as well. Companies are using it to contact potential employees, while more people are using it to search for jobs and collaborations. Hence, if you are in the B2B field, this platform definitely comes in handy.

#4 – Pinterest

AthenaOnlinePH pinterestPinterest is one of the most popular channels for sharing photos or images. If one of your photos gets “pinned” by a member with lots of followers – it could become a viral hit! You can use this platform for promoting your business and directing Pinterest users to your website.

#5 – SnapChat

AthenaOnlinePH snapchatAre your target customers mostly between 15 to 25 years old? If so, try using SnapChat. More and more millennials are using this platform, making it the perfect channel to target this particular demographic.


#6 – Twitter

AthenaOnlinePH twitterTwitter has been around for almost as long as Facebook, and it currently has 330 million active users per month. Because of its hashtag and “retweet” feature, it can easily make a post go viral as well. This microblogging platform should definitely be included in your social media list!

#7 – YouTube

AthenaOnlinePH youtubeWhen it comes to sharing and watching videos, YouTube is practically a household name. And since this channel is owned by Google, a great video can easily appear among search results. So if you have any videos and tutorials — start posting them on YouTube and see how it goes!


As you can see, today’s social media channels have different features, but not all of them may work for your business.

Choose carefully based on your products, services, and target customers. More importantly, stay on top of the latest trends; be ever ready and be open to change.

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