Holiday Marketing Ideas for Your Ecommerce Business

Merrymaking has always been a core component of the season, but we entrepreneurs also consider running special marketing campaigns an essential part of the holiday repertoire. Every year, from November to January, business booms as the whole world indulges in the noble tradition of gift-giving (either to others or to oneself).

And people do indulge more every year. The 2018 holiday sales are expected to be at least 4% more than last year’s, topping at more than $720B. Black Friday is also expected to see sales almost reaching $6B, which is 15% more than 2017 figures. 

The infographic below from Statista shows the average anticipated consumer-spend during Black Friday, by country. For the United States, that’s $515 per person for Black Friday shopping alone.

Black Friday Spending

Consumers are obviously preparing for the festivities. As entrepreneurs, we should also work hard to give them what they want and need. And that calls for more than just sending holiday messages to your mailing list.

Here are some of the best marketing boosting techniques for your ecommerce business that are sure to reap the fruits of the season!

1. Spread the holiday cheer

People decorate their homes for the holidays because they want to feel the festive spirit, and they should feel the same when visiting your site. Not only should you be using some sort of holiday theme for your online store, you should also pay attention to the little things on your site that could set it apart from others.

This includes shifting to more festive colors and adding small touches that would make the prospective customer smile. You could change tiny animations like those loading spinners and site icons to holiday-oriented GIFs, or you could add effects like snow or twinkling lights to the borders.

There are only a few things to keep in mind here. First, these decorations should neither be disruptive to the site (both to the visitor’s eyes and the page’s loading performance), and they should also be well-integrated (i.e., not look like afterthoughts). They should also be displayed as early as possible — some people start their holiday bargain-hunting on October! Remember as well that the holidays isn’t just Christmas. There’s Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, too. And aside from Black Friday, we have Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday!

2. Think “giving”

Gift-giving is a core concept of the holidays, but most entrepreneurs lose sight of this fact. It’s important to use the tools at your disposal to make marketing campaigns more effective. Tools like Facebook’s Audience Insights allows you to see important details about your target sector. These are the people whose gift-giving you need to tap into, and you can do that by offering them some well-crafted and enticing carousel ads. Carousels are good because they can showcase a lot of images at once, letting you give your audience gift ideas while also engaging them with your products’ visuals.

Speaking of visuals…

3. Be Mobile-Friendly

Most online shoppers are now on mobile, so make sure your images and campaigns are touch-optimized and perfectly viewable on small screens! You can also leverage mobile-dominant social networks such as Instagram (with its “Stories”) to create mobile-first, exclusive campaigns that are easily shared. You can also add links to your products directly on the Stories. As a plus, the feature creates a sense of exclusivity and intimacy that you can’t be replicated in regular banner ads.

4. Go Local

If you own a brick-and-mortar store (or are affiliated with one) this could rake in a lot of sales. Give your customers the hands-on, local experience by allowing them to buy stuff online and pick them up in your store. This is an idea pioneered by Amazon, but doable by any business.

5. Leverage Google Showcase

Google’s new Showcase feature is a new tool in the marketer’s box, allowing you to showcase multiple items from your store when a customer types in a certain keyword. These collections can be browsed, and adds value by giving customers more gift ideas. Make sure to incorporate holiday themes and special prices on these showcase collections, too!

The holidays are upon us again, and we need to get ready for the rush! These five tips should get you up and going, so your business can take off while you enjoy the fruits of the year’s labor.

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