Facebook helps small business

5 Ways that Facebook Helps Your Small Business

Facebook isn’t just for communicating with your friends and family anymore. You can also use this popular social network to reach potential customers and help expand your business.

Here are five ways that Facebook can help grow your small business:

Getting the word out

As a small business owner, you know that marketing your products and services isn’t always easy. But what you don’t know is that you can actually use a simple tool like Facebook to spread word about your new venture. Choose your target market and make sure to make the said post very catchy. Facebook Ads will help you reach more customers by using the site’s powerful targeting tools.

You can also use Facebook to reach out to other social media influencers so you can collaborate with them. Their wide reach goes a long way in raising awareness for your products and services.

Increasing sales

Use Facebook ads to reach a wider audience helps you get more sales. Make sure your followers and your target market know about your latest promotions, by way of codes, coupons, and giveaways. Prepare a great photo or image for your promo, and make sure your caption is attention-grabbing.

Creating a community for your customers

Your Facebook page can be used as a forum by loyal and potential customers to exchange information and ideas about your product or service. This a great way to gather information about your customers – their likes and dislikes and their needs. 

A great example for this can be a baby care product business. Your page could provide information on latest studies and stories about caring for babies, and also on latest trends in baby products and services. Information could be in the form of your own content, including blog posts, images or videos, and also links to other pages. Meanwhile, your primary audience, the parents, will hopefully be actively interacting with your content and share their own experiences.

Providing a channel to communicate with customers.

Not only will your customers have a community around your business, they will also have another way of contacting you. Customers have the option to reach you quickly through your Facebook’s Messenger tab or app.

Have a person in your company who will constantly check for messages from your Facebook community. And reply immediately to concerns.

Allowing customers to review your business 

Start-up small businesses need to prove that they are at least a legitimate provider of products and services. If your previous customers will be given a space to provide you genuine feedback, potential customers would be less afraid of buying your products or services.

Nowadays, people’s Facebook feeds are crammed with sponsored ads from not-so-legit looking pages. With good reviews from your real customers, you can show that your business is indeed legit.  


Most of the features above are free. This makes Facebook a great channel for promoting your business. It’s scary to risk spending lots of money with more expensive marketing channels that might not be a good fit for your business.

Social media is great for business when you know how to use it. Whether you choose to create a page or to manage a group (or both!), using Facebook as a business tool is the way to go.

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