dos and donts of social media posts

Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Posts for Business

Success in social media marketing is not defined simply by how many people follow or like your business on your social media platform. Having millions of likes is equal to nothing if you do not know how to properly make use of them, or if you mismanage these platforms.  

To avoid that, take note of some of the Do’s and Don’ts regarding what you post on your social media business accounts:


Be active  

This is perhaps the most important thing to remember to do with your social media page. Maintain a presence online. Be consistent in your posting. Set a schedule and stick to it.

Sometimes the reason why business pages on social media don’t gain traction is that they aren’t actively posting. However, be careful not to overdo it. Posting too much can be spammy and could drive people away from your page.

Use your audience’s insights  

Once your business has a large enough following, it is possible to ask your audience whenever making decisions for future plans. The idea here is that nobody knows what the buyers want better than the buyers themselves, right? This would ensure that your future products or services will sell, and the audience would feel that they’re important. It’s a win-win situation.

Make your posts interesting 

Let’s face it. On social media, your audience’s attention span is reduced. At most, you have 10 seconds to get their attention or else they would move on to something else. In this short period of time, you must be able to get the reader’s interest. Generic, lifeless social media posts aren’t going to cut it.

Give your posts some personality and show excitement for your business. Otherwise, you won’t be seeing a lot of traffic on your page.



Imagine waking up in the morning to check your phone. You see you have many messages but when you open the messaging app you see they’re all advertising messages from your service provider or the same message over and over from one of your contacts. Doesn’t it just stir up some anger within you? The point is this: NOBODY LIKES SPAM. The only kind of Spam that people like is the kind that you eat.

Delete negative comments

Negative comments are something that we never want to see in our posts, especially when it can possibly affect how our business fares. But it is not advisable to delete such comments as it might give a bad reputation of silencing critics.

A better way to handle negative comments would be to use them to reflect on what you can use to make improvements in your business.

Fully automate responses  

While automating one’s page does ensure that all messages receive responses, it takes away from the interaction between you and your audience. This lack of organic interaction can make your audience feel like they’re unimportant to you and could possibly lead to loss of interest in your business.


Those are some of the do’s and don’ts of posting on your social media business account. There are many more, but these are the ones that I feel would be key in making things work.

What about you? What are your rules for social media posts for your business?

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