Holiday Marketing Ideas for Your Ecommerce Business

Merrymaking has always been a core component of the season, but we entrepreneurs also consider running special marketing campaigns an essential part of the holiday repertoire. Every year, from November to January, business booms as the whole world indulges in the noble tradition of gift-giving (either to others or to […]

messy or tidy desk

Messy or Tidy Desk? What Your Work Desk Says About You

You’ve probably experienced this once in a while: all around you is a messy desk with basically everything just strewn over the table, from papers to pencils. You also probably grunted as you try to reorganize the entire thing, muttering under your breath how a tidy desk would probably save […]

social media tools

8 Free Social Media Tools For Small Businesses

Businesses of all sizes recognize the crucial role of social media marketing in growing a business. But doing social media as a solo entrepreneur can be tricky. You’re already juggling so many tasks with limited time on your hands. It can be overwhelming to think about creating amazing content. And […]

video marketing

Why You Should Use Video Marketing for Your Business

You might have really good products or services, but if people don’t know about them or what they are, your business is pretty much doomed. For small businesses, it’s really hard to shell out the money needed for marketing and advertising. Sure, social media is a good choice. But simple […]

time management

Five Time Management Tools for Busy Small Business Owners

So much work to do, so little time, and so many distractions throughout the day. Time management is one of the most critical components of productivity and performance. Without proper time management, we won’t be able to perform at our best. Technology has given us several tools that address time […]