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10 Productivity Tips for Creative Professionals

All professionals know the difficulty of being unmotivated and uninspired. When this happens, productivity usually suffers. And even when you have all the talent and skill you need to complete a project, sometimes you may still have to chase inspiration. These 10 productivity tips will help you win the battle […]

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6 Branding Tips for Service-Based Businesses

There are many branding tips out there for product-based businesses, including pointers for marketing, packaging, and distribution. But what if your business is not a tangible product, but a form of service instead? You will find that not all of the branding tips for product-based businesses may apply. When you […]

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Which Social Media Channels Should You Use for Your Business?

Nowadays, more than one billion people are on Facebook. Almost everyone we know has an Instagram account, while millions are logged onto YouTube at this very moment. There are many other social media channels – each one with the potential to help you grow your business. With so many platforms […]

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Why Your Small Business Absolutely Needs A Website

Facebook page? Check. Twitter account? Check. Print ads and other promotional materials? Check. Business website? Hmm… just a sec. Maybe you could roll out the business without this one? Actually, that’s not advisable. Despite the increasing number of cheap (even free) hosting services and the large selection of free professional […]