Athena Online Marketing Services was formed to answer the needs of micro, small, and medium-scale entrepreneurs (MSMEs) in the areas of content marketing and administrative support.

Entrepreneurs go about starting a business all gung-ho, full of enthusiasm. Many run the show solo, doing all the work. Owners try to keep operations lean and simple while seeing how things would work out. Then they’re hit with the reality of the amount of work in terms of hours and different tasks involved. Small business owners, solo entrepreneurs and professionals have lots of great ideas, but few have the time to fully develop these ideas. Some level up to rise to the challenge of keeping the business operations going. But there are those who get overwhelmed, and simply give up.

Not all startup businesses, especially those of solopreneurs, are blessed with enormous resources to keep operations running smoothly all the time.

So at Athena Online, we offer to help entrepreneurs mainly in creating online content, and also in administrative support stuff. By doing these, we give back some of their time, that they can then use for more important business tasks, or to spend with family and friends.

Founder and Lead Content Specialist

Athena Online Marketing PH

A small band of freelancers working together from the comfort of their own homes form the core group of Athena Online Marketing Services PH.

Athena Online’s team of reliable content specialists and virtual assistants are fast learners and are always ready to work. We are your trusted business partners, equally invested as you are in the success of your business.

Manning the front line for Athena Online is its founder, general manager and lead content specialist, Maria Cristina (Mas) Pre. That's me! 😉


A passion for learning has led me to work in different industries in various roles. I have done administrative support, customer service, marketing, sales and business management in the food service, banking and finance, and retail (food and non-food) sectors.

Metro Manila’s worsening road traffic problem, plus a desire to have more control over my time, led me to shift to an online career in 2010.

My diverse employment and business background serves me well in my current online business, Athena Online Marketing Services. Here I work with owners of micro, small and medium-scale enterprises to help them establish a solid online presence through content marketing. I also provide virtual administrative support services to enable business owners to have more time to focus on growing their business.

As a freelance writer and virtual assistant, I have worked with clients from the Philippines, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Brazil, Spain, Singapore and Australia.

Currently, I write lifestyle feature stories on my own blog, Mas Paborito

When not working, I like to read books on humor, self-help and biographies. I'd love to travel the world and have a taste of different kinds of desserts.